Corridor Information Platform (CIP)


The purpose of CIP is to provide stakeholders with accurate and reliable information to improve their decision-making quality.


Land borders are often considered as obstacles, and a variety of remedies have been experimented. A solution has emerged at continental level in Africa, the One-Stop Border Post (OSBP).


The core issue is to quantify the impact on border crossing time resulting from the introduction of a fully functioning OSBP at border crossings on transport corridors in comparison to the more traditional legacy border post or two-stop border post.


TLC is providing stakeholders with two options in which to access such information, one is through TRANSLOG which is an online data capture platform designed and developed by TLC for cross-border monitoring. The system provides access historical data sets on border crossing times, traffic counts, commodities transported along a corridor, origin and destination of those commodities, tonnage, nationality of transporters, etc. All data is collected by TLC at border post throughout Southern and East Africa. The system is currently in a pilot phase and will be launched soon for public access, but more information about TRANSLOG go to the button TRANSLOG in the sub-menu under the tab C.I. Platform in the menu bar.


The other option is through the CPMS or Corridor Performance Monitoring Platform which is a web-based system that provides reports and indicators measuring border crossing time and route trucking time for several corridors in Eastern and Southern Africa.


The production of the indicators is based on GPS positioning data obtained from the truck fleet management systems operated by trucking companies and or GPS fleet management service providers.


Two tiers of data sets and reporting are being proposed for the CPMS, one set which will be for public domain and will provide basic indicators such as Border Arrival/Crossing Times by Border Post per Corridor Route selected and Border Activities. While the second set will focus on Routes with Speeds and Economic Zones will include access to the first data sets with reporting.


The CPMS or Corridor Performance Monitoring System has been developed jointly by SSATP (Financers) and Crickmay (Service Providers) with input from TLC Group (Pty) Ltd.


To access the CPMS in its current format go to the link ; to obtain a username and password click on the Tab Reports and complete the login request. It is suggested that you use Google Chrome as a preferred browser.


There are two types of subscription payment options for the Corridor Information Platform. These are as follows:


  1. Monthly Subscription - $20 per month
  2. Annual Subscription - $240 per annum



The CIP Platform benefits for subscribers can be obtained by request to, with the subject as “TLC  Subscription Benefits”





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