About Transport Logistics Consultants


The TLC Group of Companies was born with the clear intent to subscribe to the best practices in the Transport and logistics sector, as well as ensuring that its clients are provided with the advantage of an ethical and transparent service provider.

TLC has been split into two divisions catering for a wide diversified field within the Transport & Logistics sector:-


  • TLC Logistics Consulting which is the Group’s core business focusing on cross-border and corridor monitoring, Regional Bond Solutions (IRU TIR Carnet) and TRANSpark an Android application for Smart Phones assisting Transporters and Truck Drivers to find safe secure parking along the corridor routes in Southern and East Africa.
  • TLC Integrated Technologies which has wide spread interests in software development for the Transport & Logistics industry recently launched TRANSLOG an in-house cross-border and corridor monitoring platform, as well as GPS/Satellite Tracking and RFID Cargo Tracking Technology solutions.

Service differentiation

TLC understands the industry, with all its pitfalls, and believes that our clients deserve to be treated as “inclusive” decision makers, which will result in a forward thinking partnership, both sustainable and productive.

We believe that a “Different and Better” approach is not just a buzzword, but also an achievable and measurable goal.

We have 50 years of collective experience in the service industry and like-minded partners striving for service excellence formed the company. TLC is not just another supplier, but a partner to clients to ensure non compromised service and standards. 

Doing things right is not an option it’s an obsession